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How to choose the right business entity blog cover by Amanda Waltz Law

How to Choose the Right Business Entity

Are you considering starting a business but feeling overwhelmed by the different business structure options available? Choosing the right business entity is important for your venture’s success. Hi, I’m Amanda

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Look back on 2023 blog cover

A Look Back on 2023

It’s hard to believe I’m ready to write another “year in review” post. There’s nothing quite like little children to help visualize just how quickly time passes. Another rollercoaster year of twists and turns has made “flexibility” my word of the year.

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Dictionary of Law Book open to Estate Planning Terms

Glossary of Estate Planning Terms

The world of probate law can feel like entering a maze of unfamiliar estate planning terms and legal jargon. Navigating this terrain shouldn’t be overwhelming.  At its core, these processes

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