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3 Reasons Why I Offer House Calls

I understand that it can be challenging to schedule an office appointment. Whether that is due to busy and demanding schedules or simply difficulty getting around. Here at Amanda Waltz Law, every client is a priority, and every client’s circumstances are different. That’s why I offer house calls, for your comfort and convenience.

I’m Amanda Waltz, I have been a practicing attorney since 2014 after receiving my Juris Doctorate from Capital University. I provide estate planning and probate services to families and businesses in the Northwest, Ohio area. That means I can assist my clients with a last will and testament, durable power of attorney for asset management, health care power of attorney, living will, guardianship, step-parent adoptions, business formation documents, and more. 

Why I Offer House Calls

Serving the community is one of my top priorities, and house calls are one way I can make the process of obtaining these legal services a little simpler for you. Here are the top three reasons I offer in-home meetings for my clients.  

  1. For the Busy Parents

    I have young kids and I know how difficult it can be to schedule appointments around nap time, school, homework, meals, cleaning, spouse’s schedule, extracurricular activities, family time, etc. When I come to your home, then you as a parent don’t have to worry about finding a babysitter. We can schedule the meeting during nap time or while the kids are at school.

  2. For the Mobily Challenged

    In some cases, older clients are uncomfortable or not able to drive and would need to acquire transportation to attend a meeting at the law firm’s office. I have had clients in the past with an ailment or illness that left them unable to leave the house for long periods of time. In any of these circumstances where it is difficult for a person to get to me, I am able to meet in their home which will ultimately be more comfortable and accommodating. 
  1. For the Convenience

    A house call is convenient not just in regard to a client’s time and comfort, but also in the sense that all information and records should be easily attainable. Therefore, clients won’t have to worry about forgetting documents if any are needed for the meeting. Ideally, they would have access to the information and I would be able to scan copies right there at the dining table.

A Few Reassurances About House Calls

You may be wondering, “what’s the catch?”, but I assure you, there isn’t one. My goal is to put my clients first and offer high-quality legal services with integrity, professionalism, and respect for each individual and the community.  I hope these extra tips below help clear up any lingering reservations, but if you still have questions, I hope you’ll reach out. 

No Additional Fees for House Calls

I do not charge additional fees for meeting in your home if you live in Van Wert, Allen, Auglaize, Paulding, or Putnam counties within a 25-mile radius of Delphos, Ohio. It would be the same as meeting in my office, or meeting at a coffee shop or other location for that matter. When we connect for your initial consultation we can discuss what location will work best for you. 

Does Not Affect Attorney-Client Privilege 

Where we meet does not change the attorney-client privilege. Our conversations and your information are still preserved under privilege. 

For Any Type of Meeting

A house call doesn’t have to be just for an initial consultation or for a specific type of estate planning service. We can hold an in-home meeting for any of the services that I offer. 

It’s My Pleasure

It is certainly not an inconvenience to come to your home for these meetings. In fact, it’s an honor to be welcomed into your living space. 

How it Works

  • First, reach out to me by my contact form or direct email to let me know the services you need. 
  • Next, we can connect over the phone or through additional email exchanges to get more details if needed and confirm that I can help you. 
  • Then, we’ll schedule a meeting to get things done. I choose to work a flexible schedule, which means I can be flexible with my clients’ schedules as well. We can meet at your home, my office, or any other location you feel most comfortable. 

The meeting length and preparation will vary based on the service, but we will discuss all of that in our consultation call and I’ll be sure to send you a list of everything that is needed. 

It’s as simple as that to work with me. And that’s how I try to keep it.
Not being able to make it to a scheduled appointment at the office shouldn’t prevent you from getting the legal services you need. Reach out to me today and I’d be happy to come to meet at your home.

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